Order of the Arrow
Bob White Lodge
RIGHT;  Bob White
Lodge 87 Tap Out
team, Linwood Hayne
Summer Camp 1985
.  L
to R:  Adam Hart, Lonnie
Townsend, Chris Holtz,
Brett Brackett, Robert
Boquist, Rob Thomas and
Chuck Thomas.
Linwood Hayne c1961.  Left:   Chief Maxie Terry awaits the candidates, who have just completed their
ordeal  to present their arrow sashes.  Right:  Joe Shipes and Charles Erion
RIGHT:  OA Representatives
at Linwood Hayne, 1985
.  L to
R:  Unknown,  Greg Francisco,
Lonnie Townsend, Rob Thomas,
Paul Whittle (Bob White Lodge's
first ever
Vigil Honor in 1954),  
Brett Bracket.
LEFT:  Troop 99 Scout
Davey Manson is tapped out
in 1985.  L to R:  Lonnie
Townsend, Davey Manson,
Robert Boquist, Rob Thomas,
Adam Hart
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Thanks to Jason Cho for all
the great photos from 1985
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LEFT: The Bob White Lodge
dance team at Camp Linwood
Hayne in 1957. This is the
dance team that won the Area
6C Championship for two
consecutive years (before Area
6C began to keep records).

Shown (in no particular order)
are Tom Oglesbee, Charles
Blackwell, Harwell Hindee,
Maxie Terry, John Stafford,
Garland Steward,Glen Karolyi
and Ed Stalnaker. Joe Shipes is
the dancer under the pile of
feathers.(thanks to Joe for the