OA Memories
The Order of the Arrow is an organization for honor campers.  
Members must be First Class, rank, camp a lot, and be voted in by their
own trooop members.
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Brotherhood is one of the pledges of the OA:  here seen at Lodge Fellowships and Area 6-C Conferences.  
Patch trading scenes below at the 1965 Area 6-C Fellowship at Camp Linwood Hayne.  Other Scenes from
a "cracker barrel" at the Area 6-C 1962 Fellowship in North Georgia hosted by Mowogo Lodge..
Cheerful Service:  The OA is a service organization and in the late 50s and early 60s Linwood Hayne was a major focus.  Much construction and
maintenance had been delayed when it was thought paper plant odors would make the camp unusable.  But it turned out not to be a problem more than 2 or
3 days a year, so new improvements were made.  The OA did their share.  Below Left, planting grass on the "new" rifle range, below right digging out area
for a concrete slab.  I myself remember taking part in a project trying to stop erosion in the "Little Grand Canyon."--  Wonder if it worked.
Possibly the most dedicated and hardest working OA members were the Dance Team members. Spending long hours researching and
making costumes, and many hours in practice they represented the
Order of the Arrow at Camp Linwood Hayne Summer Camp and
competed for lodge at Area 6-C OA conferences.  
BELOW LEFT: Veteran  Joe Shipes demonstrates while Lodge Advisor Norman
C. Heldmann looks on.  
BELOW RIGHT: The Bobwhite Team dances at a campfire and tapout at Linwood Hayne about 1960.
Above: Joe
Shipes  collects
an audience.
Left: Future
Vigil Stephen
Pekkala of Troop
110 awaits award
of his Ordeal
Sash.  RIGHT:  
Bob White
Lodge member
makes a
presentation at
the area 6-C
LEFT: Donald
Batchelor practices in
Bachellor helps Johnny
Black get ready for a
performance at
Linwood Hayne in the
early 1960s
The Bobwhite Lodge
dance team during
the costume parade at
the Area 6-C
Fellowship hosted by
Mowogo Lodge in  1962
at Camp Rainey
Mountain, near
Clayton, GA
Updated Oct 22, 2009.
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