Boy Scout Troop 99 History
Boy Scout Troop 99 (and Explorer Post 99, and Cub
Scout Pack 99) at Camp/Fort Gordon,Georgia, were
chartered over 50 years ago. Since most of the
members were "army brats" many scouts passed
through the troop and frequent transfers of parents
meant that the scouts were scattered all over the
country even as boys. Unlike those who grow up in
the same community all their life, and can visit and
keep up with their old troop, Army Brats usually lose
touch with their troop and friends.  Brats had made
new friends in each new station:  the downside was
that brats  had to give up old friends just as easily.
Maybe this site can become a part of  99'ers
Home Town
where they can recall the great times
and share memories, pictures, and maybe even
contact each other.
Most names initially came from the troop newspaper,
Spirit of 99, from the Augusta Chronicle, but now
most will have to come from old members -- if every
former scout can remember and report one or two,
eventually we will have a complete list. Pictures and
lists of favorite troop activities, outings, and camping
are also wanted.
See Youtube film of Troop 99 in 1960!

A new page in praise of Fleming Heights

A new page on Camp Linwood Hayne

Maps of Fort Gordon in 1956 & 1975

Reminisces from Troop 99 alumni page

2 pages on the Order of the Arrow  p 2 updated).

New Page on Scoutmasters

New Page 4, 1975-1995

I never
had any friends later on like the ones I had
when I was twelve.
Gordie, in Stand By Me
Updated, May 8, 2016
Check for friends on the military brats site
"Camp Gordon"  was used until until the name change to "Fort Gordon" . about
1957, though an Augusta community strip was used also from time to time
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Troop 99 1974 to 1976
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For more info on Scouting in Augusta, Bob White
Lodge, or Georgia-Carolina Council patches &
camp Linwood Hayne history click
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For a web site with a good history of Exploring and
Senior Scouting -- sorry gone with Geocities demise
Troop 99, 1949 to 1954: CLICK HERE TO SEE PICTURES FROM 1949-54 (New material gleaned from the pages of the Augusta Chronicle, Oct 22, 1951; Nov 18, 1951; March 29,
1952; Oct 14, 1952; Nov 28, 1952; March 10, 1952; April 24, 1953,)   The troop grew slowly at first.  In March 1952, it had 12 members, c1954 had 15 members.       . (recent
additions below will be in  
SCOUTS: Bill Cavanaugh, William H. (Hurley) Daughtrey, Charles Fleming, Charles F. Janes,  Ronald LaChance, John Maxon, Butch Milton, Paul O'Connor,  John Spencer,
Thomas G. Spencer, John T. Strode, William E. Tower, John Williston
SCOUTMASTERS: George M. Keith (52),  Ass't Scoutmaster: Bill Baker (52);  Cubmasters: Thomas W. Gorman (1951),
TROOP COMMITTEE: William W. Daughtrey (Chairman), Jack Flynn, Calvin C. Oliver (Cub Chairman)
SCOUT HUT: Signal Corps Training Center Mess Hall (1951): Building 19705, located at 19th Street and 6th Avenue (1952).
Troop 99, 1955 to 1959: Click here to see 1956 Spirit of 99 Troop Newspaper. More pages here plus click Here to see more pictures from 1956
ABOVE LEFT: Troop Summer Camp 1956 at Leitner Pond:  Panther Patrol lowers the flag.  Holding the flag is John detreville.  Two over to the left
is John Thomas, Panther patrol leader, and to his left, his brother David Thomas. Photo by Jack Smith.
ABOVE RIGHT:  In Fall 1956, Troop 99
decorated and rode on the float that represented the Georgia-Carolina Council in the Community Chest Parade.  The "flowers" were made by
poking crepe paper squares through the holes in chicken wire.  Panther Patrol Scouts rode the float.
Troop 99 Patrol
names c1956:
Flying Hawk,
and Cherokee
Troop 99 scouts built this tower on an
island in
Leitner Pond during 1956
Summer Camp to earn Pioneering merit
badge. Click on
new 1956 pp. for new view
Mel Hein, Scoutmaster from 1955 to October 1956 gives a little last minute
instruction to Butch Loar and Jim Cavenaugh just before leaving the Army and going
home to Baltimore.
Left:  Troop 99 in the stands during Camp Gordon Scout Day ceremonies in February 1956.  This is from a picture in the Augusta Chronicle, and
did not scan well.; The explorer to the left on the front row is John Williston. To his left is a scout whose name I do not recall, but the next scout is
John Thomas, and then  Billy Cottrell; Above John Thomas is Jim Small, and to his left and up a little is John deTreville.  RIGHT  Panther Patrol
on a patrol hike in 1957 at Gov. Schley cemetary.  LR, Jim Small, John Thomas, and David Thomas.
Left: Spring Camporee patch from April 7-9, 1956.
MIDDLE: Troop 99 Scouts manned the gates alongside MP's
handing out passes to guest scouts during scout days
ceremonies. This one dates from 1957.
RIGHT: From Boys Life, April 1957, a photo from Scout Day
showing Joseph Ruzicka of North Augusta at the teletype.
                                                      Troop 99 members from about 1955 to 1958 (mostly 1957) (Recent additions in bold)
Don Adams(Expl), Frank Akers, James Ball, Danny Bancroft, C. Milton Barnhart,  Joe Bass (Expl), Teddy Blackwell, Mike Benice, Ricky Blethen, Ronny Bortz, Bruce Brady,
Roger Brown, Ellus Burns, Tinker Burns, Walter Butler, Kenneth Cates, Jim Cavenaugh, R. Center (Expl), Howell D. Cobb, Cliff Coker, Billy and Bobby Cottrell, John
Cunningham, Rick Cunningham, Dick Currier, Wayne Denny, Tommy Daland, Hurley Daughtrey , Mike Dawson, John deTreville,Robert Dieter, Andy Dickert, Tom Dolan,
Andrew Duff, Bruce Dunlap, Kieth Dunlap,
William P. "Bill" Dunn, Joe Ely (or Eley), Sammy Ergle, Pete Faber, Paul Gelina, Skip Gamel, Donald Gibbons, Foster Gibson, Mike
Gigandt, Eddie Godbee, Carl Godman, Luther Godman, Bob Goetz, Garland Godby, Jr, Lefty Gorman, Bryan Hayes, John Hanskett, Ben Hernandez, Nestor Hernandez,
Marvin Jones, Mike Jones, Hugh Kenzel, Robert Kitchens (Expl), Leonard Lifsey (Lifesay), Robert Laaza, William (Butch) Loar, Bob London, Ronald Lowery, Carlos Martinez,
Jose Martinez, Howard Miller, Charles Mitchell, James Mitchell, Joe Morris, Sammy Murphey, Louis Monserrate, Robin Patafka, Eugene "Buddy" Parrish, Les Parish, George
Pierce, Kenneth Rainwater, Robert A "Bob" Satterfield, Robert Schoff, Eddie Setzman, Eugene Shurtz, Robert Spieker, James C (Jim) Small, Sonny Stephens, Bill Stillwell,
John H. Thomas, David Thomas, Larry Thomas (Expl), James Thornas (Expl), Stephen Trinklin, Leroy Trott, James Tulloch, Robert (Bernie) Ward, Eddie Williams, Fred
Williston, John Williston (Expl), James "Bub" Younts, Russ Young.
Scoutmasters:  Richard C. Sames (1955), Melvin Hein (1955-6), Wilfred  LeBlanc [Whitey LeBlanc] (1956-1957),  Rick Hanlon (1957). Assistant
:  Gerry Higgins (57), Frank Morrison, John Nelson (57), Jack Smith (56), Explorer Leaders:  Sheldon B. Bogen (1958), Harold Field (1959), Francis J.
Smithwick (1957), Bill Wilson (1956), William M. Slemmer, Jr (Expl Adv 1956), Allen Duff (Cubmaster 1956)
Scout Hut:  North East Corner of Old Hospital Area.
Troop Sponsor
:  National Sojourners, Chapter 176
Campfire Song Hit Parade c.1956
We're the Boys from 99
Bill Grogan's Goat
Pink Pajamas
Patsey, Orey, Orey, Ay
(all 99 verses
Right: some time in the late
1950s, Troop 99 Scouts went
to see this firepower
demonstration at Gordon for
Signal ROTC Camp, I think.
Right: From 1957, 1st Class
Candidates used this chart to
memorize their morse code.
Troop 99, mid-1959 to May 1961. See additional pages: Page 2 Page 3
Right: Fall Camporee patch from November 1959.  Left: Olympic
Camporee patch from Sep 23-25, 1960 at Winfield Campground,
Clarks Hill Lake.
Troop 99 Patrols in 1959-60.
Panther,  Bat,  Flying Hawk,
Viking, Geronimo
, and Mad (as in
the magazine)
ABOVE LEFT; Troop 99 and friends on October 15, 1960, just before heading out to to Athens, Georgia, to watch a Georgia Bulldogs vs. Mississippi
State game.  Pictured are:
Front row, Robert Williams, Bill Higgins, Ronnie White, Sammy Favor, Eddie McCallum, Steve Lineberry, Woodie Spivey
and Jack Newcomb.  
Second row, Mike Moore, Tommy Guidera, Hal VonNessen, Carl Morris, Chuck Nelson, Butch Barnhart, Brand Walden, Garry
Third row, Steve Coleman, Buzz Coleman, Robert Martin, Richard Terry, Paul Shultz, Kenny Guidera, Eddie Schenk,  Rocky Coleman. 4th
, Russel Robbins, Dave Gilliland, Gene Keys, Eddie Shultz, Ray Wehn, Richard Brees,  Dick Newcomb.  5th row: ?,  Tommy Howard, Tommy
Curley, Harold McCallum, Pete Caminati.  6th row, Jack Davis (ASM), John R. deTreville, Mike Harris,, Charles Blackwell,Bus Driver, Bill Bond , Mr
Sam Silverstein (patron of 99 of who helped sponser the trip), ? , Carey Williams,Bill Griffin,
Jeffry C. Howard, and two unkown Post 99 Explorers.   
Off the the right is a little bit of the Troop 99 Scout Hut in the old hospital area showing.

BELOW:  Troop members work off some energy on a break during the trip to Athens. Below Center: The game trip  group lined up for a roll check
on the way to Athens.
BELOW RIGHT. Taking down the Linwood Hayne summer campsight with John Rhea's "mattressmobile" 1960. The Renault
Daupine was (in)famous in the troop, but it  was called among the world's worst cars in the
Atlanta Journal.   They hadn't seen John's, I guess
                                                                                 PARTIAL LIST OF TROOP MEMBERS 1959-MAY 1961
Harry Allen (Expl), Eric Anderson (Expl), Victor Aviles, Butch Barnhardt, Charles Blackwell, Robert Bently (or Bentley), Ralph Bowles, Allen Breaux, Thomas
Brooks, Larry Brisius (or Brizius), Bobby Burke, Robert Burton, Pete Caminati, Rocky, Buzz, and Steve Coleman, Bill Corbett, Bobby Cottrell (Expl), Casey
Czycinsky, John R. de Treville, John Duel, Mike Dickens, Kenny Edmunds, Gary Ellis, Sammy Favor, Pat Fentress (Expl), Kenneth Gates (Expl), Robert Glass,
Tommy and Kenneth F (Kenny) Guidera, Dave Gilliland,
William R. Griffin (Expl), Barry Griffin, Richard Hafner, James Jordan, Jeffry Howard,  W. Thomas Howard,
David Hammond, Bill Higgins, Mike Harris, James Jordan, Ruben Justiano, Ervin Jones, Phillip Juwig, Gene Keys, Steve Lineberry, Jon Loftheim (Expl), Paul
Luce, Eddie and Harold McCallum, Steve McCaslin, Robert McGaughlin, Herbert McKenzie, Francis Marion, Robert Martin, Richard Martin, Carl Morris, Mike
Moore, Dick and Jack Newcomb, Chuck Nelson, Russell Robbins, Woody Renner, Doug Scott, Jack Shauck, Eddie and Paul Schultz, Eddie Schenk, Mike
Scholder, Paul Sims, Mark Smith, John Spain, Woody Spivey, Dale Stoddard, Richard Terry, John H. Thomas, Billy Tullis,
Hal VonNessen (Von Nessen) , Brand
Waldon, Bobby Weiss, Ronnie White, Carey Williams (Expl), Robbie Williams, Ray Wehn, Michael Williams,Bruce Young,
Dillon (1st or last?).
Scout Leaders; Scoutmasters: John D. Rhea. Assistant Scoutmasters, Bill Bond, Bill Tuck, John Lineberry, Jack Davis, John Gill, Charles Giles, Roy Harris,
Pat Mattox, J.R. Fletcher, Arnold Peterson, M. L. Othmer,
Capt. Nigro Explorer Leaders: Ron Aletky, Frank Bakken., Tim Kielty.
Troop Committee: Wm W. Daughtery, Raleigh N Sims, Richard I Newcomb, Chaplin R. W. Heflin, Russell E. Robbins, Harold W. VonNessen, Wm W. Cottrell, Jr.
Scout Hut: Southeast Area of the Old Hospital (corner seen above in the group picture on the way to see the football came in Athens)
RIGHT:Kenny Guidera presents General Benjamin
Pochyla with a Liberty Bell door knob hanger as part of
Get Out the Vote Campaign in October 1960
LEFT: Gene Key and Pete
Caminiti meet Pat Dye at the
Georgia-Miss State Game
Above: Troop members on a hike in Fall 1959 or Spring 1960
Left:  Some  of the Troop
99 members at Scout Day
1960 or 1961:
Back Row: Unk, Paul
Sims, Tommy Howard,
John de Treville, unk,
(probably our host), unk,
ASM ?, Jeff Howard, Hal
Von Nessen, Bill Bond
Middle Row: Unk, unk,
unk, Carl Morris, unk,
Richard Newcomb, unk,
Mike Harris
Between front and middle
row both unknown
Front Row: Unk, Mike
Moore, unk, Russell
Robins, unk, unk, Jack
Newcomb, Chuck Nelson,
Troop Accomplishments; Troop 99 had many accomplishments
during the period 1955 to 1961.  It was the Host Troop for Fort
Gordon's Scout Day ceremonies for several years.  It represented the
Georgia- Carolina Council in the Community Chest Parade, it ran its
own summer camp for several years, and by the late 1950s had
begun to attract numbers of scouts from the outside community as
well as from military families. Over 1961 and 1962, Troop 99 had five
representatives on the Linwood Hayne summer camp staff:   Charlie
Jeff Howard, Tommy Howard, John deTreville, and Steve
LEFT: In 1961, longtime member Jeff Howard was elected
Area 6-C Chief of the Order of the Arrow.
For Army kids, staying in the troop for
any length of time was difficult due to
frequent transfers of their fathers.
Sometimes, though the Army would
send a dad back, and you could come
back to the troop.; That was the case
with John H. Thomas and his brother
LEFT John  is at camp in 1956,
on the
RIGHT he's working on camping
merit badge in 1960. John became
Senior Patrol leader, and was also the
Cadet Colonel at Richmond Academy
his senior year.
Troop 99, June 1961 to 1969. Click to see Pictures from  1965-69 Garth Bloxham, Larry Carver, Richard Carver, Bill
Cavanaugh, Michael Cavanaugh, Charlie Craig, Mike Craighead, Ronald Craighead,
Ted Dannemiller, Albert Daykin, Tony Daykin, Ronald Davidson (Expl),
Gilmer Hayes, Crafton Hayes, John Kinzer, Steve Lawver, Randy L. Livingston (Cub), Charles Renfrow (Cub), Vince Rosen, Bobby Swarm (Cub), Mark
Shuman, Lance Tenney, Frank Yeck
Scoutmasters: Harry "Pete" Morgan (c1966-67), Earl Bloxham.  Assistant Scoutmasters: Dave Linesell, ? Fisher, Chaplin/CPT Richard George, ? Paget, ?
Northrup or Northrop, ? Jones.
Troop Committee & other Leaders:  Robert P. Cavanaugh, James "Jim" Cheney, Richard George, Chaplin Rankin W. Heflin,
Harry Morgan, Chester Mullikin (Cub Comm), Richard K. Carver
Troop Sponsors: 1949-1966 Chapter 162 National Sojourners.  1966-1969 Fort Gordon Dad's Club
Scout Hut: After 1965, Building at Scout (Signal) Lake
Left: is a map of Camp Linwood Hayne from
the late 60s or early 70s.  Before 1965,
there was only one lake, now known as Little
Spirit Lake.  Memory Lake was built later.
See maps of Linwood Hayne in 1970s-80s
See an article on Linwood Hayne in the
Augusta Chronicle July 13, 1998 (you'll
have to register with the
Chronicle, but so
far its free)
FLASH:  Camp Linwood Hayne is being
closed according to the
Augusta Chronicle
for November 20, 2005
RIGHT:  The Scout Hut at Scout (Signal)
Lake from c1969 to 1989.  The hut AND
THE LAKE are now gone.  Pictures soon.  
This photo from
Buddy Beer's former
Geocities Webpage.
Troop 99, 1969 to 1978: Click Here More always welcome on this page too
Members:  Buddy Beer, Patrick Beer (Expl), Harriet Beer (Expl)
, Bob Davis, David Davi , Mike Floyd (Expl)
Scout Hut:  Scout Lake (Click on Buddy Beer's page just above to see a picture)  Scout Leaders:  Captain Caputo (Scoutmaster 1975)
Troop 99, 1975 to 1995: New pages for pictures 1980s:  PAGE  1.. PAGE 2. PAGE 3  PAGE 4  Thanks to Jason Cho for the following names.  2009 additions in yellow:   Scouts:
David Hayner, Michael Hayner, Didier Rubio, Bobby Hickson, Henry King, Raymond O'Connor, Chris O'Connor, Davey Manson,  Joe Heffern, Stefen Longo, Anthony Sloan, Lenny Byrd (76-
79), Robert Pekly, David Silverstein, Frank Barnes, Ronald Springer, Robert Patterson, Gus Velez, Eddie Velez, David Zimmerman, David Nelson, Greg Cho,  Eric Andrew Holliday, Brian
Holliday, Jason Cho, Ricky Harris, John O'Donnell (John O'Donald), Eddie Foote, Greg knight, Marcus Justice, Kevin Hoppie (Kevin Hoppy), Mike Eaton, Dean (Houston) Taylor, Shannon
Taylor, Robert Orth, Raymond O'Connor, Chris O'Connor, Daryl King, Norman King, Henry King, Terrell Johnson, John Williams, David Teague, Craig Bailey, Bobby Hickson, Tim Tucker,
Tyler Holcomb, Tony Gaglaini, Gary Hawkins, Cliff Kessinger, Kevin Williamson, Chris McCain, Andre Paine, John Bass, Davey Manson, Bob Texas, Grant Cauffman, John Duncan, Jimmy
Harris, David Berlin, Chuck Bridges, Mike Weems, Frank Irving, Nelson Simmons, Travis Simmons, Neal Gilbert, Jerry Keefe, Michael Keefe, Wade Keefe, James Budney, Michael Clark,
Marcus Pajer, Alan Lyda, Jay Lyda, Daniel Tellez, Jason Hadden, Sam Teixeira), Tim Teixeira, Robin Teixeira, Mike Shelley, Devon ??, James (Jim) Collins, Patrick Clark, Woody (Shawn)
Wood, Michael Katsuyoshi, Cameron Katsuyoshi, Craig Katsuyoshi, Marcus Todd (1989), Michael Todd (1989), Antran Pack (1986), Betran Pack (1986), Chris Windsor(1986), Ricky Paine
(1986), Larry Workman (1986), Michael Coen (1986), Armando Llamas, Scott Carmichael
, Devon White (last name uncertain), Ed Comeau (Spelling of last name uncertain).Sean
Kluckman,Jeramiah Kluckman, Brian Kluckman, Chris Draz, Jeol Dixon, Chris Garcia, Tony Gagliani
Explorers: Sheryl King, Wendy Wallace.
Scoutmasters, Francis E.  Zimmerman , Kenneth King, Arthur Holliday. ASM’s: Daryl King, Darren Roberts, Mr ? Patterson,  Kenneth  King, Jason Cho, Nelson Simmons,
Richard Pain (early 1970s), Eric Holliday,
Carlos Garcia, Nelson Simmons, Ken Simmons, Robert Anderson , Jim Kluckman.
Committee Members:  Judy Kidwiler, Jim McCain, Pat Hickson, Lynell Palermo, Kenneth Eaton, Judith Holiday, James D. Berlin (1984), Peggy Smith
Troop Sponsor:  Fort Gordon Dependent Youth Activity.
Scout Hut: Scout (Signal) Lake until September 1989, Post Community Theatre and Gym 1989-1994.  Next met in a plain white wooden buildings.   It was a small building between
McNair Terrace and Gordon Terrace on Brainard Ave. and near 45th avenue.  It was across from the Youth Services building, 1994-1996.  After 1991 met in Breams Barracks..
Troop 99, 1995 to 2005:   Current Sponsor: 447 Signal Bn??
To see a page on Troop 99 "Freedom Trail" community service project click here.     
To see article from May 16, 2003, Ft. Gordon
Signal, on May 2-3 campout, click here.
Photos 1997-2000 on a new page.  Click here to see them
Troop 99 Scouts assisted with Fort Gordon Bike Safety Rodeo:  Post Signal On-Line Dec 20, 2002
Eagle Scout Zach Smith becomes Vigil OA. Fall 2002 Whistling Arrow.
Troop 99 takes Presidential Award at District Camporee: Signal on line, April 2, 2003
Troop 99 scout's Eagle Project, Signal on Line, Sept 9, 2005
Jeffrey Warner attains Eagle, Signal on Line, Sept 8, 2006, page 7
Partial list of members, 1997- date:
Scouts:   Tim DeBow, Andrew DeLucio,  Anthony DeLucio, Andrew Garner, Franklin Garner, Greg Kujawaski, Corderra Lee, Zachery Smith, Jeremiah Smith, Archie
Kukawaski, Sean Clark, David Wash, Michael Walton, James Robertson, Matthew Simpson, Josh Albers, Fausto Benitez, Jr., Aric Melvin, J.J. Rascoe,
Aaron Lax,
Corderra Lee, Sam Stokes, Geoff Lentner, Justin Pryor, Taten Wagner, Jeffrey Warner, Josh Albers.
:  Scoutmasters: Thomas Draz (1996-1997), Stephen Smith, Michael DeBow (2002), Ray DeLucio (2003), Nathan Varner (2006).  Assistant Scoutmasters:  
Earl Clark, Britt Dixon, Thomas Draz (1995-1996) Doug Albers, Bert Kelher, Rob Lenter,
Salina Lopez (2002), Mike Ryan (2003)
Patrols:  Dragon (2003)
Scout Hut: Brems Barracks
BELOW:  Troop 99's 50th Anniversary Patch
from 1999
Hope you enjoyed your visit
to the Troop 99 Reunion
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Above: Sign of the times:  Troop 99 scouts visit Fort
Gordon's Vietnam Village in the late 1960s (In contrast to
the earlier 1950s picture of scouts visiting a Korean War
style artillery demonstration).  Many of these and other
Troop 99 Scouts from before and after the picture served in
the military during the Vietnam War. the officer in Class A
in the background isMG Walter G. Richardson, CO of
Gordon ca. 1966-68
the Period:
Above Troop 99 Scout pose by the troop sign at Scout (Signal) Lake on 29 Sept 1985
Back Row starting on top of sign to the guy with glasses L-R:  Bobby Hickson, Henry King, Jimmy Harris, Raymond
O'Connor, Tim Tucker, Shannon Taylor, John Duncan.
Middle Row (Standing) Bob Texas, Chris McCain, Robert Orth, Joe
Front Row (Kneeling) Chris O'Connor, Davey Manson, Michael Coen
Above: Troop 99 members on a canoe trip in
Page 4
A group of Troop 99 members in Fall 1953 or early 1954 in a joint meeting with Troop 96. Top row, L to R:  Douglas Pollack? T99, Hurley Daughtrey T99, Jimmy
Hughes T96, Choppy Woodward T96, Glenn Miller T 96,
Unknown T99. Front Row:  L to R:  First 4 scouts on left are Troop 99 members, names unknown. Last
on the right is Maxie Terry, T96.  Photo courtesy of Joe Shipes, Troop 96.  To see whole picture,
click here.
photo of Jason Cho and Mr. Holliday at the Troop 99 Christmas tree
sale on Ft. Gordon at the large Gazebo near the old PX.  December 1980
RIGHT: Troop 99
neckerchief given to Scouts
when they joined the troop,
Troop 99 Eagle Page. Click here
Richmond County School websites
See a short
YouTube clip
of Troop 99 in
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May to December 1956:  Jan-April 1957
May to Oct 1957 ,  1959-1961
1984 to 1989
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Above: Garth Bloxham adjusts a
display at an unidentified event
from Augusta Chronicle ( May 8,
1965).  Photo courtesy of Joe
Above: Silk-screened Troop
99 neckerchief of unknown