In 1945 the Raleigh Boy Scout Foundation, which had been formed by a group of Raleigh Businessmen and Scouters who wanted to acquire a permanent
camp property, purchased Camp Edgerton at Neuse, NC, just north of Raleigh. It is possible that some sort of summer camp event was held there that year.
However, in 1946 and 1947 summer camp was held at the "camp property at Neuse" and continued the use of the “Sunrise Tipi" patch design formerly used
in the 1930s by Camp Woodcraft and Camp Sycamore.
   In 1948 the Raleigh Boy Scout Foundation gave the "camp property at Neuse" to Occoneechee Council and retired businessman William Durant Campbell,
a Scouter of national stature living in Pinehurst, gave a large sum of money to develop the facility. the camp was renamed Camp Durant in memory of W.D.
Campbell's family and it began operating as Camp Durant m the summer of 1948, issuing its own camp patch (SC19) with rockers for the years attended.
Summer camp was held at Camp Durant continuously from 1948 until 1977 at which time it was sold.   
See map, c1968-70
   During the early 1960s, the council began to realize that Camp Durant was becoming inadequate to handle the needs of a growing council. A new Scout
reservation of about 2500 acres was purchased in 1964 by the Council with special gifts made available for that purpose. It is located in Moore County about
eight miles west of Carthage and a summer camp program was begun there in 1966 on a section developed as Camp Reeves. Without a dining hall, Reeves
operated a troop campsite cooking program as an alternative to the dining hall food service offered by Camp Durant north of Raleigh. Both Reeves and Durant
ran simultaneous summer programs from 1966 through 1977, when Camp Durant was sold.   Old Camp Durant is open to the public today as
Durant Nature
Park off Durant Road,Raleigh, NC.
   From: Wayne P. Farrar and John L. Humber, Occoneechee Council, BSA: A History through Insignia 1930-1995 (n.pl., The Hammerstone Scout Museum
& The Occoneechee Council Historical Committee Scout Museum, 1997) pp. 48-49

Boy Scout Troop 9, Chapel Hill, NC has some pictures of their troop at Old Camp Durant 1964-1968 on their web page: http://t9ch.
org/Pictures/1964/06/index.html; http://t9ch.org/Pictures/1964/11/index.html; http://t9ch.org/Pictures/1965/01/index.html (may show Apache camp site  near
;http://t9ch.org/Pictures/1966/03/index.html; http://t9ch.org/Pictures/1967/index.html; http://t9ch.org/Pictures/1968/0620/index.html (waterfront
See page 2 of Camp
L:  Old Apache campsite from across the lower lake. R:  The current swimming area for Durant Nature
L: Old bunks in storage,  abandoned when the Scout camp moved to Carthage. R: Old barn in which they are stored
L:  Graffiiti in one of the old shelters. Once it was vandalism, now history? R:  Old mess area now falling
L:  The old dining hall is still called Campbell Lodge, but recently renovated.  
R:  An old campfire area, possibly for the Order of the Arrow.  Far R:  
Chimney from an old farmhouse
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