For those who want to relive their halcyon brat days at Gordon, here are two maps.  One from Camp Gordon in 1956 when the fort
was filled with "temporary" WWII yellow painted wood structures, and one from 1975 when it was Fort Gordon and many
permanent structures and more post housing was built.  Street names (and Signal/Scout lake also changed.
Under Construction
Above: Camp Gordon in 1956.  At the time, as a Camp it was still considered temporary and most of
the buildings were yellow-painted wood dating from WWII.  The Scout Hut was in various places, but
longest in the old hospital area.  The map above only gives an
impression of the sprawling old hospital
area.  In winter time the air of the whole post cantonment area smelled of coal smoke
Above: After Gordon was designated a Fort about 1957, many changes were made as temporary WWII
buildings were replaced.  The sprawling old hospital area was replaced by the Eisenhower hospital.  A lot
more on post housing was also added.  For a period, Signal Lake became Scout Lake and was the where
the Troop 99 Scout hut was located.
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