Camp Linwood Hayne
Camp Linwood Hayne (AKA Lynwood Hayne or Linwood Haynes, Linwood Hane, Linwood Haines) closed in December 2005, replaced by Knox Scout
Reservation in Lincoln County..  But, Linwood Hayne (along with Camp Josey near Blythe, GA)) was the Georgia-Carolina Council's main camp for nearly 60
years. (previous camps had been in Langley, SC, in the 1920s and an earlier Linwood Hayne [located on Boy Scout Road?]).  It was originally thought that
Camp Hayne would have to close in the late 1950s-early 1960s when the paper plant was built nearby.  However, the prevailing winds blew the paper plant

away, and instead the camp was improved and modernized, most notably by the addition of Memory Lake.  In addition to the photos & Map of
Linwood Hayne scattered in the rest of the T99 site, this page will record a specific pictures and memories from Camp Linwood Hayne.  Others with photos
and memories are welcome to send them to the webmaster.  
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NEW: Maps of Linwood Hayne in 1970 and 1980s.                                             For CampLinwood Hayne patches, see SCScouter web page.
Left: The webmaster pours a soft drink  as Handicraft and Trading Post staff. Right: Linwood Hayne Camp Staff 1962:  LR, back row:  Mr Bayley (Camp
Director), Barry Robinson, Malcolm Harmstad, Bill Evans, Cliff Bowers, Jeff Howard, Don Karolyi, Tommy Howard, John Shearhouse, John deTreville,
"Mac" McCaskill (Assistant Camp Director).  
Front Row:  Steve Lineberry, Dee Turner,, Ronald "Bugs" Pullium, Steve Scotten, Mr Jackson (Camp
Ranger), and Joe Herbert in 1962
Above Left:  The Dining Hall seen from the parking lot.  Above Right:  The "parade ground" (which became a parking lot on parents'
day)  The stop sign mysteriously appeared one early morning during 1962 camp.
Below Left and right:  Camp activities on the old waterfront on the
Little Spirit Lake (it was just "the lake" then)
Left:  More waterfron
activities.  Right:  A
typical camper's tent
in the 1950s-1960s
Above Left:  What do Scoutmasters do while scouts are at camp activities?  Put on the dog and dress for formal dinner in the
dining hall, T99 Scoutmaster John Rhea at camp in 1960.  Linwood Hayne also involved camporees and regular camping, not
just summer camp.  Above Right:  A Troop 99 camporee site in the late 1950s
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Updated June 8, 2010
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