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Hurley Daughtery, a former Senior Patrol Leader and presently a Junior Assistant Scoutmaster of our troop has attained
the highest rank in Scouting (Eagle).  He has the distinction of being the first Scout in Troop 99 to make Eagle,
Hurley is a real old timer at 99.  the troop has had him on the roster for the past 7 years.  In  that time Hurley has seen
7 Scoutmasters come and go.  We are proud of Hurley for his achievement.  The Eagle badge not only signifies the
highest rank in Scouting but it is the sign of complete Scout maturity which should be a goal sought after by all
Scouts.  Hurley has blazed the trail for us all to follow - Hark the Eagles Call, On brothers until we’re Eagles All.
(From the
Spirit of 99, Feb 26, 1957)
Left:  William H. Daughtery
Troop 99 gained a bunch group of
Eagles around 1960.  Shown left are
Brand Waldon (or Walton), Jeff
Howard, and Steve Lineberry with
Scoutmaster John D. Rhea
Here are two more from
about 1960.  
LEFT, Jack
Newcomb and his parents.  
RIGHT, Paul Sims (or
Simms)  and his parents.
From a newspaper clipping, Eagles
John H. Thomas and the late William
R. (Bill) Griffin are shown having just
gotten their eagles with Scoutmaster
John Rhea.  they are looking at a
model camp exhibit built by Flying
Hawk Patrol.  The Court of Honor
was held at the Fort Gordon NCO
Open Mess.
EAGLES from 1985 to 1996:
Eric Andrew Holliday -- February 1984
Jason Cho -- January 23, 1985 RIGHT
John Duncan -- April 12, 1986
Davey Manson -- April 13, 1988
Bobby Hickson -- May 31, 1989
James Collins -- Mar 7, 1993
Nelson Simmons -- April 15, 1996
Information & photos contributed by Jason Cho
If you know of other Troop 99 Eagles, please send the information to the webmaster.
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Left:  September 1965 brought another flight of
eagles -- five in one day!.  They were John
Kinzer, Richard Carver, Ronald Davidson,
Gilmer Hayes and Frank Yeck
(From Augusta Chronicle, Sep 26, 1965)
Right:  January 1969,  Michael Cavenaugh
received his  Eagle from his mother at a Court
of Honor..  Michael also advanced in the troop
from Assistant Patrol Leader to Sr. Patrol
Leader and Junior Assistant Scoutmaster.
An article in the Augusta Chronicle lists Tim DeBow as a Troop 99 Eagle Scout in
Click here for article.
Zach Smith of Troop 99 is listed as Eagle in the Fall 2002 issue of Whistling Arrow.
This is a list of all known Troop 99 Eagles. When the average "tour" in Troop 99 was 2 years, it
took something special to make Eagle.  Many scouts would have to continue their quest over a
couple of  troops.  Some T99 Scouts  who got Eagle elsewhere are also listed here since they did a
lot of the work in Troop 99.
Andrew De Lucio did much of his Eagle work in T99.  See Signal On-Line Sept 9,
2005 &
Richmond Indiana Palladium June 4, 2006
Updated Oct 5, 2009
Jeffrey Varner, Eagle COH, July 3, 2006. See Ft Gordon Signal, September 8,
2006, p. 7.