Christmas and Scout Week  Programs were big annual affairs in the 1950s and 1960s.  Most of these
Pictures are from 1959 and1960
Left: Scoutmaster John
Rhea rehearses the Troop
for the 1959 party.
Left:  Part of Christmas and Scout
Week Programs were skits reviewing
events from the past year.  The picture
at left shows a skit whose subject is
now forgotten, but the performers are
Bill Higgins at the Mike, then Chuck
Nelson.  Making up the base of the
pyramid is Brand Walden, then
Tommy Howard. To the far right is
Gene Keys.
Above, another skit.  Left, Courts of Honor were also
held during these events
and parents honored for supporting their scouts.
Above left:  A visit from Santa was part of the Christmas program.  Above Right, Long time
supporters of Troop 99 Christmas parties were Sam Silverstein and Harry Dutcheshyn
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A view of the Scouts, families, and head table from the balcony of
the NCO Club, where the Christmas and Scout Week programs
were held.