During the days of segregation, the Georgia-Carolina was mostly segregated though
there were some events even in the 1950s in which both white and African-American
troops participated.  These events included the annual Scout Circus, the Scout Week
celebrations at Camp/Fort Gordon, and at least one Merit Badge Show at Bell
Auditorium.  Summer camps, however were completely segregated and thus there
were  two Council Camps.  Linwood Hayne was originally limited to whites, and
Camp Josey was limited to blacks.  Joe Shipes provided the rare Camp Josey patch
above, which, except for the inscription, resembled Linwood Hayne patches of the
early 1960s.  It is the only Camp Josey patch either of us has ever seen, but there may
be others.  Joe, on the staff of Linwood Hayne in the 1950s, related that Camp Josey
was named for T. W. Josey.   "It was a relatively large camp down an entrance road
opposite one of the the Fort Gordon gates off the Wrens highway. Not much there,
just a well, a mess hall, some showers, and a lake.   . . .  During my first years on the
Linwood Hayne staff, after Linwood Hayne camp ended, we would take the tables
from the camp mess hall, tents, and the canoes over to Josey. I think I remember their
camping season only lasted a week."
"[I]  Don't know when it was established but Camp Josey was sold during the 60s
and Linwood Hayne became integrated. . . . (the location is now owned by the
Pinetucky Gun Club).  The late Nate Clark was the African American professional in
Augusta for over 30 years. He was the camp director."
 During this era, in spite of the segregation, there were over a dozen long-established
African-American troops in Augusta.   Frank Yerby, the author, was a boy scout in
 Some of the troops (and their sponsoring organizations) listed on the 1955 Georgia-
Carolina Council Scout Circus Program are:
  Troop 20, Negro YMCA
  Troop 24, Doughty School PTA
  Troop 41 and Pack 41, Central School PTA
  Troop 42 and Pack 42,  Bethlehem Center
  Troop 43 and Pack 43, Weed School PTA
  Troop 46, Macedonia Baptist Church
  Troop 84, Georgia Training School for Boys
  Troop 87, Peter H. Craig School PTA

Boy Scout Camp Josey, Georgia-Carolina Council
Information provided by Joe Shipes
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Question:  Were the
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