More Pictures from Troop 99 in the 1980s
Photos by Jason Cho
Tim Tucker and Robert Orth at Camp Linwood
Hayne.  This is a portrait of the 2 troop 99 members
that would attend the 1985 Jamboree.  Shot on 24 May
ABOVE:  Bobby Hickson and Kevin
Williamson at the Scout Lake Hut in Jan
RIGHT: Bobby Hickson at Scout
Lake Hut on 29 May 1985. BELOW RIGHT:
Bobby Hickson & Kevin Williamson at the
Scout Lake Hut in Jan 1985
Gordon's Troop 99 begins 37th year of continuous activity

By Arthur R. Holliday
Boy Scout Troop 99, originally chartered Dec. 31 1949, has completed 36 years of
continuous activity at Fort Gordon. With the recent Charter renewal they begin their
37th year.
Shortly after activation of the troop it came under the sponsorship of Chapter 162 of the
National Sojourners, Inc. In 1966 sponsorship was passed on to the Fort Gordon Dad's
Club. With the demise of the Fort Gordon Dad's Club in 1969, sponsorship was
assumed by the Dependent Youth Activity, who is presently serving as the troop
Troop 99 found its present home when the flag was raised at Signal Lake during
dedication ceremonies there on June 12, 1965. Maj. Gen. Walter B. Richardson, the
Fort Gordon's Commander, dedicated Signal Lake as a Boy Scout Recreation Area and
presented Troop 99 with a plaque containing the key to the area and an engraved brass
plate indicating the assignment of Scout Lake to the Fort Gordon scouting program.
Richardson, realizing the importance of scouting to youth, had set aside this area of the
post for use by the scout organizations. Old Signal Lake was drained, deepened and the
bottom cleared for swimming and boating. A small craft dock was constructed and a
beach area was scraped and sanded.
Scout Lake, although no longer in its original configuration due to the lack of funds, no
priorities and abuse by the many unauthorized people going into the area, is still the
home of Troop 99 and continues to be an activity area for other post scouting units.
Additionally, scout units from other areas have used the facilities of Scout Lake.
Troop 99 is a self supporting organization, raising money for some of its activities
through various enterprises such as the recycling of newspapers. The cost of other troop
activities are paid for by the individual scouts on a prorata basis.
Troop activities take the scouts to such places as Cumberland Caverns, McMinnville,
Tenn.; the George C. Marshal Space Flight Center, Huntsville, Ala.; the USS
Yorktown, Mt. Pleasant, S.C.; and the Ocmulgee Indian Mounds, Macon.
In addition to the many local campouts, the troop has ventured to such locations as
Stone Mountain, Kennesaw Mountain, Chickamauga Military Park and Aiken State
Park for troop campouts.
From the Fort Gordon, GA,
Post Signal, January 15, 1986
Here is a photo of Mr. Holliday at Camp
Linwood Hayne on 24 May 1985.  This was at
"Fun Day" in which scouts helped
handicapped  kids do the activities that scouts
Chris McCain and Tim Tucker escorting a visitor  at
the Fun Day event at Camp Linwood Hayne on 24
May 1985
LEFT: The scout hut at scout lake shot from across the lake on 8
May 1985.
BELOW:   Robert Orth, Chris O'Connor and Craig
Baily at Scout Lake, May 8, 1985
Photos from a
campout at Leitner
Pond, Feb 9, 1991.

: Grant Cauffman,
Devon White?, Tim
RT: Grant
Cauffman, Jason
BR: Broken
Dam at Leitner Pond
after 1990 floods
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