Pictures from 1975-1995 provided by Jason
ABOVE:  Troop 99's 1985 Scout of
the year won by Jason Cho
Above: Troop 99 scouts visit the aircraff Carrier YORKTOWN at
Charleston, SC on 8 Mar 1986
LR: Grant Cauffman, Joe Heffern, Robert Orth, Davey Manson, Bobby
Hixon, Bob Texas, Kevin Williamson, Tim Tucker, Jeremy ???
More to come: -- Keep checking
ABOVE:  Scout Joe
Heffern pins his Second
Class pin on his mom.
photo from a Scout Lake campout in January 1985
Back Row L-R:  John Bass, Raymond O'Connor, Marcus Pajer, Chris McCain, Bobby Hickson, Eric Holliday, Tyler
Holcomb, Shannon Taylor, Front Row: Christopher O'Connor, Craig Bailey, Robert Ort
Tim Tucker, Davey Manson and Bobby Hickson begin a Court of Honor on Jan
24, 1986
Grant Cauffman, Jr., pins his
Second Class pin on his mother
Davey Manson receives an award from
Scoutmaster Holliday
Jason Cho received his Eagle on Jan 24, 1986.  This is
his Eagle Cake.  No one noticed the mispelled word
until the pictures were developed!