A group of pictures enlarged from Scoutmaster John Rhea's 8mm movies our the troop trip to Vogel
State Park in North Georgia in January 1961.
ABOVE left the lodge where we stayed.  ABOVE Right,
Scouts getting off the bus in the drizzle that was pretty constant during the trip.
Scenes from Troop 99,
Above Left: The Complete patch for the Fall Camporeee and the two JLT's.  Above Right: ASM Bill
Bond gives a class at a JLT Camp or Camporee, one of those represented by the patch at far left.  The
Camporee was April 21-23 at Clearwater Recreation Area in South Carolina   The Junior Leader camps
were held in winter 1960 and Spring 1961.
Above: Bill Bond, John Rhea, and Jack Davis at
John's and Bill's Farewell banquet.  
Below: scouts at
the fare well banquet during the trip.
right, a bit of roughhousing at the
lodge to cure a bit of cabin fever.