Troop 99 1959-1961:  
Page 3
Program at NCO
club 1959, Scouts
sing Christmas
carols, led by
Scoutmaster John
Right: A dry and pleasant weather
camporee at Linwood Hayne (soon to
be converted into a Cub Scout camp
according to a recent article in the
Augusta Chronicle). I think that's
Tommy Howard at the right of the
LEFT The troop hiking
to the Savannah River
between Summer Camp
sessions at Linwood
Hayne in 1960.  Don't
worry, Scouts, the
skinny-dipping photos
didn't turn out
In 1999, Troop 99 celebrated
its  50th birthday.. But, to the
Right is part of the April 4,
1961, Spirit of 99 issue reporting
the presentation of the troop's
10th charter.