TROOP 99 IN 1956
Pictures from Whitey LeBlanc and articles from the Spirit
of 99
Signalling Training:  (LR) Hugh Kenzel, Frank Akers, John Williston, Instructor
Hurley Daughtery, & Joe Bass.
Above:  Cooking up a batch of Pancakes: LR Lefty Gorman, Paul
Gelina, & John Williston
Pulling KP at Leitner's Pond (1956) probably at Summer
Camp.  LR David Thomas, Skip Gamel, Wayne Denny

On Dec 29 the Panther Patrol
assembled for a bicycle hike.  We
started at about 10:30 and headed for
the “sand pits� which was to be
our base camp.  After reaching there
we proceeded down the hill until we
came to an old bridge, where John
Thomas (P.L) stopped.  
Unfortunately, the Scouts behind him
didn’t.  After we disposed of the
bodies we went on a little further and
turned back toward the sand pits on
Richmond Hill Rd. where we ate
lunches that we had packed for this
glorious occasion.  After messing
around for a while, we started back for
civilization.  When we reached home
we found that our safari had been 12
(very tiring) miles.(Feb 26, 1957)
the 1950s.  Here are some pictures from camping as well as reports
on Troop 99's patrols.
Panther Holds Party
Everybody is celebrating an anniversary
this month even the panthers – here is a
report of a party submitted by the panther
patrol.  On Feb. 14, 1957, the panther Pat.
held a party commemorating the 1st
anniversary of our patrol.  The parents of
the Scouts in our Pat. made or brought food
to help make our party a success.  After
our regular patrol bussiness, John Thomas
took an anniversary picture.  Then we ate.  
Charter members in the patrol are John
Thomas, John De treville.Feb 27, 1957)

On February 19th the new Cherokee Patrol
was installed into the troop by Joe Bass, S.P.
Bud Parish – Patrol Leader
Les Paris – Asst. Pat Leader
Roger Brown – Scribe
Russ Young
There are several candidates scouts who will
also go into this patrol after their Ind[uction].
(Feb26, 1957

The Flaming Arrow Patrol held an
election for Patrol Leader a few weeks
ago.  Hugh Kenzel, former Patrol Leader
held the election to allow someone else
to have a fair chance to serve the Patrol
as leader.  Frank Akers was elected as
Patrol Leader, Hugh Kenzel as
Assistant Patrol Leader. (Feb 9, 1957)

Love?  Of course not!  We don’t go in for kid stuff here.  Astronomy!!   This month we have enjoyed the study of stars and how
they can be helpful to us.  Especially have we appreciated the work many of the Scouts themselves have done putting on various
demonstrations and preparing training aids.  Many of our Scouts have a real talent for speaking and putting on demonstrations.
Bob Goetz -- for the swell demonstration on the Earth and Moon system.
Dick Currier – for teaching constellations and how to find your way by the stars
Brian Hayes – for learning and operation of his electrified planetarium
Bob Cottrell and his Cobra Patrol for the tin can demonstration on star guides
Hugh Kenzel  -- for making stars for the Troop Big Dipper game
John Thomas – for sun dials
Way back in Sept at the Scout Rally at Allen Park was the first indication we had of “Natural teachersâ€� in our Troop.  Do you
remember seeing Leroy Trott and Bob Cottrell give their spiel on arterial bleeding?  They even taught Doctors!  Then there was
Dutch Loer, Bill Cottrell and Buddy Parrish who had their audiences squirming from their realistic demonstration of snake bite and
the care of snake bite.
It is a sign of real Scout Spirit when a Scout is given an assignment that he follows through with a well finished job.  Nice work
Scouts!  Keep up the fine work.  We’ll have an Eagle’s nest here yet! (Feb 1957)
Everyone in the troop is feeling a little sad at this time.  
We have a cause:  Whitey LeBlanc is leaving.  When he
gets discharged, Wednesday, he’s going home to
Mass. For a few days, then he’ll head back this way to
Oglethorpe U. at Atlanta.  Though T.99 is losing him,
Scouting isn’t for Whitey plans to be a professional
Scouter – A wonderful calling!
Since he’s going such a short distance away, we hope
he’ll come and visit us once in a while.  We WILL
see him at Thanksgiving time, when he comes here to
receive his brotherhood honor in the O.A. at Camp
Linwood Hayne.
We’ll all miss his “squeeze-box� his singing,
his wonderful sense of humor, his guidance and
inspiration, and his car.  Yes, Troop 99 will feel the loss
of the greatest Scout-Master of them all.  (September 1957
issue, “Spirit of 99�) [Whitey was Scoutmaster from
Oct 1956 to November 1957.  Before that he was Assistant