Another picture of the tower on page 1.  LR John
Williston, John deTreville, John Thomas, Charles
Rentz, and Jim Cavenaugh.  Later used for signaling
merit badge class. Photo by Whitey LeBlanc.
Right:  Troop Scribe  (the webmaster at age
13) staples copies of the Troop 99 newspaper.

We left the Scout Hall around 5:00 P. M. on Friday 26
Oct and headed toward Leitners Pond.  We had two
trucks to take us out there.  One truck had mattresses
and a few Scouts.  The other carried the gear and the
main bunch of Scouts.
 Upon arriving we unloaded the mattresses, gear,
Scouts, etc.  Afterwards the boys who brought food ate.
By this time it was dark, so we set around the fire and
sang, played games and ate doughnuts and hot
chocolate.  Then we hit the sack.  The next day we
devoted the morning to advancement and free time.  In
the afternoon we played “capture the flagâ€�  Rick
took a group of boys back into the woods and Mel took
a bunch of boys and followed.  In the end Mel’s
group gave up and Rick and his boys were declared the
That night we had initiation ceremonies.  The new
Scouts were placed on the floor, blindfolded.  They
were then given shampoos, fed worms (hotdogs) and
treated all in all very royally.  This done, we had
initiation to the Little Men’s Chowder and
Marching Society.  Then we went to bed.  We cleaned
up camp the following day and returned home.  All in
all we had a grand time.  We hope the next troop
activity will be attended just as this one was.
From December 1956 issue of Troop paper
By John De treville – Scribe
Smokey Mountain Trip Aug 9-11
99’s EXPLORERS got off to a gaudy start when
each car tried to get more signs on than the other.  The
trip got under way after pictures were taken of the
decorated cars.  By the time we got to Daniel Village to
buy the food most of the signs had to be retaped.
We arrived at Cherokee, N.C. in the Smokies about 5:
00 Fri evening.
After setting up camp, we went into town to buy the
tickets for the Indian pageant.
After finally getting to sleep, we were awakened by a
strange moaning sound .  Whitey, thinking the boys in
the other tents were playing around got up out of bed,
stepped out in shorts and T shirt and walked towards
the other tents – got about 6 Ft. from a large bear and
broke all speed records getting back to his own tent
After watching the bear devour about 10 pounds of our
sugar that we left out by mistake, we set out sugar
special for him the next night but he was too busy
eating the sugar of another troop from Marietta, Ga.
Saturday night we visited the town of Cherokee and
the Indian pageant.
Boy that mountain stream water is sure cold for
swimming.  After a slight mix up we all got back
safely.  Everyone had a swell time.
From Sept 1957  issue
Mel’s Party * * BIG SUCCESS

October 30th was a night to be remembered by all.  
The occasion was Mel’s farewell party at Lietners
pond where 125 scouts and parents  gathered to bid a
final adieu to the Scoutmaster who can be otherwise
known as the father of Troop 99.  A hot dog supper
with loads of Halloween candy was served.  The party
kept moving with some fun games for all.  Col Small
will from that time on, never forget who Howdy
Doody is after having been a participant in a “Who
am I?â€� game.  Just before the closing Mr
Daughtrey presented Mel with a complete Scouters
uniform as a farewell gift.  Probably Mel is wearing it
this very night at his own troop meeting in Baltimore,
Md.  We hope he will never forget us as we will
forever remember him.
From Dec 1956 issue
CLARK HILL INVADED LeBlanc’s Commandoes landed at Clark Hill on the 16th of last month.  We all had a darn
good time at a brand new camp-site.  The eight point plan was used and we all got in some swimming.    Bobby Schoff had an
accident and we hope he recovers soon.     
From Sept 1957 issue
TROOP 99 -- 1955-56 PICTURES
and articles from the Troop 99 newspaper
The new pictures were provided by former
Whitey LeBlanc
Troop 99’s annual Christmas Party was a real success. The troop, cub pack, and explorer post all met on Tuesday, Dec 18,
1956.  The first part of the evening was spent getting acquainted and in plain just plain fooling around.  Then Rick, our homely guitar
player, led us in a few choruses of “Under the Spreading Chestnut Treeâ€� (with motions) and other lively songs.  Following this
came the big event of the night ..**!!Santa Claus!  We all gathered around the Christmas Tree and received gifts.  Next on the list,
Capt Cottrell (who was pretty hungry himself) called us to refreshments.  The rest of the evening was spent feeding our faces.  All
in all, we had a grand time, and we wish to express our gratitude to Mr Sam Silverstein who gave us the party.
PS  I think that even members of the Little Men’s Chowder and Marching Society who were present, will say they enjoyed
                      S/ John Thomas    (Jan 26, 1956 issue)
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