Troop 99, 1949-1955 Plus Scenes of Augusta and Fort Gordon
Troop 99 and Troop 96
members meet together at Camp
Gordon in Fall 1953 or Early
Top Row:  T-99 (Douglas
Pollack?), T-99,
Hughes, Choppy Woodward,
Glenn Miller,
T-99, Ronnie
Wright, Donald Maddox
Middle Row:  T-99, T-99,
T-99, T-99,
Maxie Terry,
George Snelling, Weldon Clark
Bottom Row, Kenneth Clark,
Tom Oglesbee, Herbert Clark,
Dennis Sczokoli, Robert Reid,
Sammy Reid, Joe Shipes
Photo courtesy of Joe Shipes
LEFT A very bad copy of  Troop 99
from  a photo from the
, Mar 10, 1952.
Front Row: William Hurley Daughtrey,
Tom G. Spencer, John T. Spencer.
Rear, Charles F. Jones, Paul H.
O"Connor, J. T. Strobe, William E.
Tower.  Instructor, PFC George Keith.
I anyone has a better copy please send it.
ABOVE LEFT:  Hospital area where the Scout Hut was located
in the 1950s.  Above right:  Bush Field.  LEFT AND BELOW:  
Photos of my kids at the miniature scene across from the Engine
Company 8 fire station near Daniel Village.  It was recently
(2009)  destroyed to make way for  the expansion of the Augusta
Water Works. The fire house is closed.
Right: Another bad copy from the
Augusta Chronicle, Oct 15, 1952.  LR,
kneeling, ASM Bill Baker, Hurley
Daughtry, Bill Cavanaugh, & John
Standing, John Spencer (SPL),
and Paul O'Connor.
Familiar Scenes from Augusta area and Fort Gordon.
Above Left. Scenes.  Aboe Right:  "birdseye view of Gordon.  Left:  
Broad Street in the 1950s  Right:  Service Club
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